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Garvey Labeler, Model 22-8, Band Layout 1801 - G2212-08001
ITEM #: G2212-08001
MODEL #: G2212-08001
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$ 68.00

Item # G2212-08001, Model # 22-8, Band Layout # 1801

  • One Line Garvey Labeler With 8 Characters
  • Uses 2212 Labels


  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ergonomic Handle / Reduces Fatigue while Labeling

  • Reinforced ABS Body with Steel Internal Components / Provides Durability and Longevity

  • Easy Drop-In Label Loading / Reduces Downtime and Increases Productivity

  • Simple Snap-In / Pop-Out Ink Roller / Reducing Ink on Hand

  • Built-In Instructions / Provides Up-Front Instructions on How to Operate

  • Customized Labelers / Provides the Need in Specific Product Identification

  • Jam Resistant Operation / Reduces Downtime while Labeling Product

  • Self Align Feed Mechanism / Eliminates Adjusting the Print

  • Comes with a Lanyard and Free Ink Roller

Click here for Layout
Label Loading Instructions:
  • To open the bottom assembly press and slide side cap locks in the direction of the arrow (Figure A)
  • Drop in label roll with label backing facing up (Figure B)
  • Pull 7" strip of the label tape out from the labeler and close the bottom assembly until it locks
  • Feed labels straight down into the bottom drive assembly near the "Insert Label" text and arrow (Figure C)
  • Squeeze the labeler handle to advance the strip of labels through the bottom assembly (Figure D)
  • Within a few cycles, the labeler will align itself to print in the proper area of the label

Changing the Ink Roller:

  • Ink roller is located behind the door at the nose of the labeler. Access the ink roller by pulling the front out and down (Figure E)
  • Pinch the two tabs at the ends of the roller, then pull up and out to release the ink roller from its station (Figure F)
  • Dispose the old ink roller and insert new ink roller
  • Replace the ink roller by performing the steps above in reverse. Close the front protection plate
  • NEVER re-ink an ink roller. The rollers are not designed to absorb ink
  • Recommend changing the ink roller after every sleeve of labels for crisp clear print

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